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Large-screen dynamic LCD display for dynamic display of various work statuses and contents...
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Product description
■ Large-screen dynamic LCD display for dynamic display of various work statuses and contents
■ The sound quality is exquisite, bright, crisp, soft and thick.
■ With advanced ACT function, it can quickly and automatically lock the working frequency.
■ Advanced high- and low-end level output design solves the problem of high-end and low-level output levels. Increase the consistency and interchangeability of the whole machine
■ Directly connected to the active directional antenna, no need for an antenna splitter, increasing convenience and distance
■ Good launch switch feel
■ Unique antenna design to avoid the occurrence of broken hands
■ Improve selectivity and greatly improve the simultaneous use of multiple units
■ Unique cascading method to facilitate the use of multiple projects
■ Highly integrated design to improve production efficiency, speed, stability and aesthetics
■ Using phase-locked loop frequency synthesis (PLL)
■ 200 channels are adjustable, and multiple sets can be used simultaneously without interference;
■ KTV uses 100 sets at the same time without interference;
Application range:
● Large-scale performances and lectures
● High-end KTV room
● Studio
● Stage performance
● Sports venues
● Playground, classroom, meeting room
Technical Parameters:
RF wireless frequency range: UHF 500MHz~960MHz (optional)
Transmission/reception frequency: 200
Modulation method: FM (PLL)
Peak frequency offset: ±45kHz
Frequency response range: 60Hz~19kHz
Signal to noise ratio: ≥110dB(A)
T.H.D, total harmonic distortion: <1%
Dynamic range: >100dB
Sensitivity: 10dBμV (S/N >75dB)
Adjacent channel interference ratio: ≥80dB
Mirror interference ratio: ≥80dB
Harmonic suppression: >50dB
RF output power: 30mW max
Antenna interface: BNC (50Ω)
Audio output level:
Balanced output XLR: +13dBμ max
Unbalanced output Jack: +13dBμ max
Transducer, microphone type: moving coil
Picking features: super heart shape
Compliance with specifications: ETS300422, ETS300445, CE, FCC
Chassis: EIA standard 1U
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