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Thirteenth Prolight + Sound exhibition in Guangzhou Unveiled

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April 2015 5-8, thirteenth China (Guangzhou) International Pro Light & Sound exhibition grand opening months. The Guangzhou Fair exhibitors clouds, exhibition area reached 130,000 square meters record, reaching nearly 1,200 exhibitors, the exhibition area has expanded from A to the area B, the pavilion has reached 14. From the exhibitors category, in addition to the traditional lighting sound, intelligent system, audio system, LED display, KTV and acoustic materials exhibitors have come to really covers all areas of the industry, whether it is acting lease, engineering , equipment manufacturers, design institutes and so on through the exhibition to reach the goal.
And the Guangzhou exhibition follows new trends emerged: First exhibition equipment improved technical content, such as intelligent digital amplifier, network speakers, HD video conferencing systems, and efficient high-power LED lighting, high-efficiency lamps, etc. abound beam ; the second is the emergence of a number of innovative products, the appearance of some of these innovations, some functional integration, some inventive new products; Third, many manufacturers have made efforts in terms of quality, such as product performance has improved, surface treatment, mold and other more It is fine; Fourth raise the general level of industrial design, professional, high-grade, fully embodies the modern elements.
Technical exchanges, to promote new show has always been another heavy head, the same exhibition will be held in more than one activity. Today "Building Acoustics Sound Technology Forum", "On the third high-end professional audio technology", "2015 video technology development trend," as well as "smart power amplifier new technology seminar", etc. have been opened. These diverse academic exchange activities due to the situation, hit the current industry hot topics to popularize exchange for the purpose of attracting a lot of fans who, warm atmosphere.